15 of The Most Difficult Languages to Learn in The World

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Learning a different language is not only exciting but also helpful because it opens up new doors in front of you. Though it’s easy to think of learning various languages, but when it comes to implementation, it can be painful to adopt new thing. Still we need to keep practicing. Here are 15 most difficult languages in the world that can take your entire life to learn.

01. Mandarin

Mandarin most difficult languages

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Mandarin is the Chinese dialect obviously used mostly by Chinese. It is the most difficult language in the world.The Chinese language has many forms which are mutually incomprehensible. This language is spoken by about one-fifth of the world’s population and it is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. Taiwanese and Singaporean use mandarin too.

02. Arabic

Arabic most difficult languages

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Today’s Arabic language is a descendant of the Classical Arabic language which the 6th century people used to spoke. This language is spoken on a huge number of territories from the Middle East to the Horn of Africa. Most of its spoken forms are inaudible, as they say, is a sociolinguistic language.

03. Vietnamese


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Vietnamese is the national and official language of Vietnam along with the first or the second language for many of the country’s ethnic minorities.Vietnamese dictionary first borrowed alphabets from the Chinese language, but the Vietnamese alphabets used today is essentially Latin alphabets with extra diacritical marks for tones and certain letters.

04. Thai

Thai most difficult languages

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Usually known as Siamese or Central Thai, the language is the official national language of Thailand. It is a member of the Tai-Kadai language family and almost half of the words are adopted from Pali, the old Khmer or Sanskrit. The Thai language is tonal and analytic and is known for its complicated spelling and markers. Doesn’t the features make it one of the crucial languages?


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