20 Mexican Superstitions You Probably Didn’t Know

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Old Mexico had a large number of the superstitions and among them, some have been also living in this period. From old numerology to folklores and astrology, superstitions are everywhere. A large portion of these Mexican superstitions can sound diverting, however, they most likely depict the picture of people’s lives. Take a look at 20 popular Mexican superstitions.

01. Purse on the floor

Purse on the floor Mexican superstitions

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Don’t ever put your purse on the floor in Mexico. In the event that you put your purse on the floor, you are basically calling your poor days.

02. Palm itching

Palm itching Mexican superstitions

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On the off chance that your palm itches, you are most likely going to get rich, But in the event that you scratch the itch, the cash won’t come to you.

03. Breaking mirror

Breaking mirror Mexican superstitions

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If you break a mirror, it will probably get you seven years of misfortune or bad luck.

04. Arthritis reason

Arthritis reason Mexican superstitions

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If you iron your clothes, it is okay, but, don’t wash your hands after ironing clothes. If you wash your hands, it will give you arthritis.


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