Attack on 2 Police Officers in Troy at N.Y: Attacker Dead

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Two Troy police officers on duty got shot by a carjacker at the time of investigation at 11.30 Saturday night, sudden gunshot attack causes injury to legs of Joshua Comitale, troy police officer in N.Y along with another officer Chad Klein.

From a statement of Troy Police Department it is known that at night timed about 11.16 pm with arms a stranger involved in carjacking shot both police officers of Troy Police Department, one officer named Comitale got injured on his legs and other officer named Chad Klein also shot on his shoulder by the aggressor. Later they shot back towards the attacker.

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Though the suspect is not identified yet. But from a spokesman’s statement, captain of Troy Police Department named Dan De Wolf confirmed the death of that attacker.Two police officers Comitale and Klein got admitted at Albany Medical Center Hospital for treatment.


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