Creative People Often Have a Messy Desk, Study Confirms

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Creative People Messy Desk

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That disorder is justified.

A study entitled “Tidy or Messy Desk ? Each Has Its Benefits” has explored the advantages and disadvantages of the ordered work environments and their respective counterparts.

The study was led by psychologist and scientific Kathleen Vohs. The first part consisted of several participants who had to fill out identical questionnaires. The only difference was that half had to do it in an orderly office and the other half in a cluttered office. After the activity, all participants were asked if they wanted to donate money to a charity and given the opportunity to choose between an apple or a chocolate bar.

Vohs had some precedents in this regard:

“Previous work has found that a clean scenario leads people to do good things: they do not get involved in crime, don’t accumulate trash and show more generosity.”

Participants who were in orderly office donated more money to charity and chose the apple.

In another experiment, participants were asked to formulate new uses of ping pong balls. Here who were assigned in cleaner work spaces had the same type of ideas. However, according to an impartial jury those in the cluttered spaces had more interesting and creative ideas:

“Cluttered environments seem to inspire an escape from tradition, which can produce fresh points of view.”

Lets start the work with a messy desk!


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