Researchers on Course of Unraveling the Hidden Secrets of Egyptian Pyramids

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Specialists uncovered Sunday new discoveries at two of Egypt’s famous pyramids, boosting endeavors to disentangle whether the antiquated world’s notable landmarks contain mystery chambers.

A group of scientists from Egypt, Canada, France and Japan have been performing scans on four pyramids using thermal cameras in order to find out whether they contain unknown cavities or structures, for the last three months.

Operation “ScanPyramids” started on October 25th in search of concealed rooms inside Khufu – otherwise called the Great Pyramid – along with “Khufu”, Giza’s Bent and the Khafre and Red pyramids in Dahshur, all located in the south of Cairo has also been searched.

The project is expected to go on until the end of this year, applying a mix of muon radiography imaging, infrared thermography, and 3D remaking. All of these techniques, according to the researchers, are non-ruinous and non-intrusive methods.

On Sunday, specialists uncovered new discoveries on few of the limestone cubes make the Red Pyramid’s western flank and of Khufu’s northern flank.

“There is a clear separation of temperature on the west face of Red pyramid. The bottom is colder than the top,” – said “Matthieu Klein” from “Laval University” of Canada at a news conference.

“It’s interesting. We have no answers yet… Could it be because of the wind? Maybe, but it’s interesting,” he said. Klein also added that the distinction in temperature was of three degrees Celsius to six.

A video projection of the information recorded through the thermal cameras indicated chromaticities of red on the cubes where hit had been detected and on the cooler ones, it was blue and magenta.

Klein stated that two inconsistencies had also been located on Khufu’s northern flank, where specialists have discovered nearly same “interesting points” on the eastern face of the monument.

Specialists say that they are going to continue with further investigations in order to include more data analysis regarding the inconsistencies which has been detected so far.

However, it looks like the researchers and the relevant authorities are quite happy about what has been found out so far; as “Mamduh al-Damati” the Egyptian Antiquities Minister said : “The primary result tells us that we have some news, some good news,”

Al-Damati also added that “We will have some secrets to solve in the pyramids, but it’s very early to say what they are.”

Khufu pyramid, the 480 feet (146 meters) tall great ancient Egyptian monument is named after the son of pharaoh Sneferu – the king the “Red Pyramid” was built for. The Khufu Pyramid is regarded as one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. It was built about 4,500 years back from now, and it has three known chambers, and like all the pyramids in Egypt, it was also intended as the tomb of an ancient Egyptian king.

The Red pyramid was constructed by Sneferu. The 105 meters tall ancient mega-structure is situated at the north of the Bent pyramid in the Dahshur necropolis of Egypt.


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