Why is Love Addictive and Makes Us Do Silly Things Just Like Drugs?

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Love is like cocaine. The moment you fall in love, you feel like doing a lot of silly things. But, there is a logical explanation for everything.

When we end up with an intense relationship, we do an x-ray of why we act in a certain way or do things that in our life we had never thought to do for someone, and the answer always ends up being the same: “out of love.” But how guilty is that feeling of our behavior?

Many times we simply want to have an excuse for our actions. Different theories support that, certainly, love “inhibits” certain prejudices and makes us act without thinking anything. In fact, many studies have shown that the brain is the main “culprit” of this, since when we feel a lot of affection for someone, all our hormones work at the same time.

When we go through this feeling, our thoughts machine “locks” the decisions of judgment or negative thoughts, which is why we make a illusive world in which we hardly notice if that person really suits us or not.

Specialists have expressed that when we fall in love there is an increase in the hormone “testosterone”, which causes us to pay more attention than before in lust, passion and sex.
Also when we are in the sexual act, the brain releases “oxytocin” that is in charge of helping us to choose long term relationships, to commitment and to form a family. In this way we feel more confident towards the person and idealize him/ her in our future.

There is also the theory of “the three phases of falling in love,” which emphasizes that people go through a trio of fundamental steps before “making someone special.”

First one is the attraction, where our eyes process the images. The second phase is smell and taste, in which we fall in love, just when our neurons are a million, and finally, the commitment, which has to do with that millennial need to reproduce and be with someone for a limitless time.

Some people stagnate in the “falling in love” stage, and find it difficult to reach the highest levels. It is presumed that many think that staying longer decreases the happiness or the sensation of constant excitement of the first stage, an inevitable disenchantment that comes when the other person becomes real.

Dealing with our hormones is a difficult task, and that, no doubt, makes us wrong and yes, commits many silly things. But it’s really a beautiful feeling to be in love.

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