10 Wettest Places that You Should Visit on a Rainy Day

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Rainy season is one of the most romantic times for those who have a poetic mind and also deep love for nature. It is a matter of wonder that only a few drops of heavenly water make the dull brownish land into a green lively look, like an old and lazy piece of land gets its youth back.

Though right now I am in front of my desk and trying to write something about the top most rainy places of world for the readers but my inner mind pulling me back to the nature and trying to feel the sweet rain drops in my cheeks and truly speaking, instead of the rhythm of my keyboard I am hearing the natural music of the rain. If you are well known about John Keats escapism you will be able to understand the present situation of the writer.
Now you can think and ask me where you should go to enjoy the heavy rain with a cup of hot coffee? Then let me introduce you the rainy forests that nature has developed for you. Here are some heavens on earth for the rain lovers which record heavy rainfall throughout the year.

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01. Cherrapunji, India (498 inches of rainfall)

Cherrapunji, India (498 inches of rainfall)

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Cherrapunji is situated in the East Khashi Hills of Meghalaya and known as the capital of the world. Locally this place is called by the name Sohra. The name Cherrapunji means the Land of Oranges but along with this the place records a total of 498 inches of annual average rainfall every year. In typical India this place has a subtropical highland climate, with monsoonal influences. For this reason, the Government of this country has developed many rain resorts in this place and now it becomes a nice tourist spot. So, pack your bags and get ready right now if you want to have the flavor of the rain from the first ranked in the top 10 rainiest places on Earth.

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02. Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India (461 inches of rainfall)

Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India (461 inches of rainfall)

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Mawsynram is a small village situated in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, stands second in the world’s rainiest places on the Earth and its annual rainfall record is around 461 inches per year. In 1985 Mawsynram recorded a total of 1000 inches of rainfall and that was a Guiness World record. The monsoon wind which comes from the Bay of Bengal blocked by the east Khasi hills near by the area is the reason of heavy rainfall. This place is only 15 km from the wettest place Cherrapunji. Average monthly temperature range from January to August is only 10 degree Celsius. Megalith the rare stone is also found in this place. Not only this you can see lots of waterfalls here and there which also attracts the tourists. So, if you are thinking of an adventurous tour in this summer you must go there

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03. Tutendo, Colombia, South America (463.39 inches of rainfall)

Tutendo, Colombia, South America (463.39 inches of rainfall)

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If you are in South America and also in love with rain, then you must go in Tutendo which is a tourist resort and township near Quibdo “river of fragrances”. The reason of the extreme rainfall of this place is because the Andes to the east block the westerly winds driven by the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone. The sunny periods seldom last more than a few hours after sunrise otherwise you can enjoy the rainfall almost every day in intense thunderstorms.

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04. Cropp River, New Zealand (453.39 inches of rainfall)

Cropp River, New Zealand (453.39 inches of rainfall)

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The Cropp River is situated in New Zealand may only be 9km long but it is in 4th place because of its weight in precipitation. Until this river joining the Whitcombe river it receives heavy rainfall during the year. In 1995 this place recorded 41.3 inches of rainfall for a 48-hour period for New Zealand.

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