Researchers Have Found the World’s Smallest Snails!

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A group of researchers in Netherlands and Malaysia has claimed that they were found the world’s smallest snails. The researchers have found this little snail on the island of Borneo in Malaysia which was 0.5 to 0.6 millimeters long. If five of the people hair as well as thick, this snails might be as same size. The researchers said it ‘Acmella nana’. Before discovered the small snail’s length was 0.88 millimeters. This little snail was founded in China in last September.

This research article has published in ‘Zootaxa’ magazine on 9 November. The researcher’s claim, besides these little snails they also found 47 species of ground snails. There some of the snails have curiously twisted. Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Leiden University of Netherland’s research and research article’s lead author said, the researchers still did not understand that the snail’s curious shell is useful for which work! It is unusual for the ground snail. Long shaped means these are fragile.

The researchers have just found the snail’s shell. From where they had come, they could not find the information. However, they think these shells are useful for snail’s classification. Natural History Museum of Switzerland’s researcher IK Neubert said, the importance of this study is finding the 48 species of snails. This study proved that how much we are lagging behind to understand of biodiversity. So, this type of survey will need more.


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