Steve Jobs Himself Did Not Let His Kids Use “iPads”! and Here’s Why You Should Do the Same:

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The “Apple” products are now the world’s favorite gadgets. Every young person from today’s world has the dream to own them. They are the fastest, most advanced and reliable devices. When it comes to smart phones, the best one to buy is the “iPhone”, when it comes to laptops or notebooks, people put “Mac” on the top of their choice list; if you love music, what could be better than an iPod? And when people need or want a tab, they desperately seek an “iPad”. And they have a good reason to do this : race with the age. There is no doubt that this is the age of technology, and to cope-up with the speed of the modern age, people need to be attached with the things it has to offer. But have you ever given it a thought that it might be turned out to be a mistake, especially for your kids. Even some of the greatest leaders of the technology world have thought that way, and one of them was “Steve Jobs”!

If you are already raising children or planning to, you possibly have thought about in which fashion you would raise them. Having all the technology the human race is now in possession, and since this is the age of technology, you probably have thought that if you allow your children to have “iPhones”, “iPads” or other high-tech products that ruling the current world, it would surely be helpful to them when it comes to match with the colors of today’s world. But the shocking truth is Steve Jobs himself would not allow this for his children, and Mr.Jobs had a very good reason for this.

Reporter of the “New York Times” named “Nick Bilton” once asked him about how much his kids love the “iPad”. Jobs’ response was surprising; he said that his kids haven’t used it! As careful parents, he and his wife limit how much technology to be used by their kids at home!

There is actually a trend among the tech-engineers and executives that they “shield” their own kids from modern technology! Even sometimes they go as far as admitting their kids to “non-tech” schools! Where they make the kids to focus on the “hands-on” process of learning instead of learning through computers.

CEO of the “3D Robotics” company, Chris Anderson, who is father of five children once said that his kids accuse him and his wife of being excessively concerned and fascists about modern tech, and not one of their friend’s parents are like the way they are. Chris’s explanation for being hard on his kids about tech is that he has seen dangers of using too much technology at first hand; he has seen it himself, and he doesn’t want to see that happen with his children.

Using too much technology isolates you from the real world. You will face difficulty to cope with even with your loved ones. Your gadgets becomes your most loved one, even sometimes more than your own children! You will be living in a virtual world. It affects your brain, your personality and your health.

The next time when you would be in public, I request you to take a look around and see how many men and women and kids are gravely addicted to their gadgets. They hardly look up from the screen. You will realize how disturbing this is once you open your eyes. If this goes on like this our future children might be ensnared in an incomplete life, barren of wonder, creativity and imagination. They will be more of some robots than human. Our generation was the last generation to be playing outside, because we did not have the high-tech gadgets available like today. And we are turned out ok. We had to learn from paper books, interaction with the others and many other ways instead of Google search. We had to keep everything in our heads which made us sharp. According to a recent research, when you have easy ways next to your hand for finding information, your brain refuses to store them, because it gets convinced that there is no need to store! Scary isn’t it?

So the next time when you are handing over your tablet of smart phone to your crying kid to play a game, just think about what you are unnoticeably “robbing” from him/her.


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