Top 10 Myths About Love You Probably Didn’t Know Yet

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We all heard about how pure love can change everything in our life. We are very well aware of what love is and the strengths of love. You will find love stories from books to films and in real life, you will also witness and experience it. And in some cases, your desired love story can’t become even true. Have you ever thought why your depicted story is not becoming real? The fact is, those things you heard about love, are not always right and some of them are actually myths.

Here, take a look at top 10 myths about love and the truth behind the tropes.

01. You Can Change for Love

You Can Change for Love

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Everybody says love can change a people for good. But, the saying is not actually right. If you truly love someone, he/she won’t want you to change as the person loves you the way you are. If you are an adult then there is no way you can change your personality. On the other hand, you can’t want that your loved person will be changed for you. The main purpose of love is to make a nice and strong relationship where two people feel peace and happiness through embracing all the good things and flaws.

02. Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

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Dr. Elliot D. Cohen said that the concept of love, at first sight, is a complete myth. According to him, people get instantly attracted to a few things like appearance, body structure or smells. But, love is not possible at first sight. Love only happens when two people come closer and they make a connection with each other. Understanding and connection are the main things that can compel people to fall in love.

03. People Never Cheat if They are in Love

People Never Cheat if They are in Love

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A recent study has shown that people who cheat their partners still are in love with them. The actual reason for cheating is that some people are monogamous by nature. They need more than one partners to fulfill their mental demand.

04. Love Makes You Live Longer

Love Makes You Live Longer

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A study in 1996 said that married people live longer than single people. Now, the concept is proved wrong. actually, there is no way by which you can be sure that you will live long or die soon. Marriage can never be the determiner of longevity. You can be happy when you have a partner, but, that doesn’t grantee your life.


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