Understand Why the Kama Sutra is so Complicated

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Kama Sutra

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To escape the routine of making love, couples invest in various options. It may be a different place or stop by a sex shop. The ideas are many and what counts is creativity.

But one of the bets that lovers do not only enhance the enjoyment, but also to have a moment of fun together through the reading of the ancient Indian guide of love, the Kama Sutra.

However, many positions that are explained in the manual are real challenges for the body, which requires not only physical strength but also training and certain skills.

The names of the positions are curious. They range from the “horse’s balance,” “sandwich” to “Cleopatra bed.” “The latter” is a perfect example of the requirements that the Kama Sutra has. Man makes a bridge with the body while it is positioned over it, but in the opposite direction. Even being very strange and require great strength in his arms, penetration is guaranteed.

Kama Sutra

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But after all, why these sexual positions are so complicated? The answer is historical. Vatsyayana, known as author of the guide actually is the one responsible for the development of techniques to the Suvarnanabha rival at the time, made an encyclopedic research on love. When doing the work, Vatsyayana incorporated the most difficult positions possible for the couple “trained enough.”
In the original edition of the work, Vatsyayana described what would be the great asset of the collection of the positions. “Every passion demand variety. It is through the variety that the couple inspires passion for each other. It’s the variety that makes courtesans and lovers become so desirable to each other.” Hence the assumption is that even after centuries, fantasizing and performing fetishes is one of the secrets to a full love life.

Moreover, Indians are known for difficult yoga maneuvers, but that is not anything close to what the Kama Sutra proposes.

For those who study the subject, the difficulty and eccentricity of the maneuvers is nothing more than a reflection of the author’s strange sense of humor, built with love, imagination and fantasy.

So says the expert Wendy Doniger, who believes that the difficulty should be viewed as an option of inspiration and freedom to the couple, which allows them to try all possibilities.


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