The Child with the Infamous Record of being the Youngest Rapist in the World!

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Youngest Rapist in the World

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He was just 11 years old and was called “The youngest rapist in the world.” This is a male child charged with the crime of rape in England
Originally from Blackpool, over 400 kilometers northwest of London, England, was accused of repeatedly molesting his friend who was nine years of age!

It was the boy’s mother who discovered the violation. Last May, she heard a series of whispers through a baby monitor; and she found the children in the bedroom floor.
The defendant, whose name is not to be revealed for legal-reasons, apologized to the mother. Also said he “did not know why he had done it.” However, the affected parents decided to appeal to the authorities.
The 9 year old girl confessed to specialized agents that she was raped every time they played together. Also, always she was asked to keep everything secret.

He also was a victim of rape
“The situation is tragic for everyone,” said Brett Chappell, defense attorney of the accused child. He confessed that the boy of 11 years was also a victim of sexual abuse.
However, things seem complicated. Two other children also has accused him of having abused them; one of seven years and another of 11 and has a disability, according to information from the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.
Although the boy pleaded guilty and is willing to help, sources from Blackpool Magistrates Court say that they could declare the deprivation of liberty as the “appropriate punishment”.
As reported by the Attorney Kerry Grieve: “The risk that he may commit other offenses of this type in the future.”
The child was admitted to youth custody at Preston Crown Court, while Judge Jeff Brailsford sentencing him.


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